Joulia Kallah
Joulia Kallah
15:24 28 Aug 18
I love how easy it is to use the throttle and pedal assist. You can defiantly feel the quality in the bike. If you have the opportunity to get the basket you will be very satisfied with how sturdy and how much you can put in the basket. I use it when I ride my bike to my farmers market.
Joseph Alai
Joseph Alai
23:48 23 Jun 18
My Electric Bike Company bicycle may be the best purchase I ever made. I love my bike. I use it as my daily driver all around the Clearwater to St Pete area of Florida. Depending on how I ride the bike, I get approximately 30 miles of range at 26mph and approximately 60 miles range at 18mph and up to 80 miles of range at 12mph. The team at EBC has been wonderful at answering my questions and helping me understand how to program my bike to suit my goals. And the quality of this bike is amazing.
Robert Pahel-Short
Robert Pahel-Short
13:11 08 May 18
After looking at tens of bike reviews done by the YouTube channel: Electric Bike Review , this was the only company that seems to stand by their product completely. They offer an unheard of 5 year comprehensive warranty on the MOST important part of an electric bike -- the battery. Furthermore, you are able to use Paypal Credit to have interest free payments over the course of six months -- something I will fully take advantage of. While I just paid for the bike this morning, I'm thrilled to be doing business with the Electric Bike Company. From what I've seen in the video reviews, they are extremely detail oriented and provide luxury features in their products -- even in the so-called "base model." I'll update this review once the bike arrives and I've had an opportunity to give it a few weeks of testing!
17:50 19 Dec 17
So happy with my electric bike. The quality and power and price is way better than any of Electric Bike Company's competitors. The buying experience was easy and the after sales service is great. Thank you
Karen Chen
Karen Chen
23:35 07 Dec 17
Electric Bike Company makes the most beautiful, top quality bikes, unlike any other electric bikes out there! After testing many other ebikes, I have found the perfect one.
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If you are considering purchasing a “Rad Bike”, read my story below first.

My brother called me to tell me that he had purchased an electric bike and asked if I would want to get one, so that we could go for rides.  I informed him that I had also recently purchased an electric bike and that I would love to go on rides with him.  That was about 3 months ago.  Yesterday, on March 6th, 2018, he came over and we prepared for the first ride.

One the first things he said was, “I need to get a new seat for the bike, as the one I have is small and rather un-comfortable”. I showed him my seat from the Electric Bike Company bike and told him that he should purchase one from them.  He really liked it and agreed.

Then he said that the lights on his bike do not shine bright enough at night and that he was planning to replace them (my bike shines very bright).  At some point after that, he was holding the handlebars of my bike and said that he really liked how the hand grips felt and that he is going to replace his.

I noticed that his basket was in the rear of the bike and on one side.  I thought that the design would make the bike lean a little to that side.  The basket was also rather small, which I did not like.

Then we went off for the ride.  After about 45 minutes, I asked that we switch bikes so that we can experience each others.  As I began to ride his, the first thing I noticed was that uncomfortable seat.  It was also leaning downwards and I felt like I was slipping off it.  The handlebars were straight across and require you to lean down to hold onto them.  My bike has beach cruiser type bars which are way more comfortable.  He even mentioned it himself, right after starting to ride mine he said, “wow, your bike is so easy to ride, even without any electric power being applied, and so comfortable”.

His fender flare was making a noise and rubbing on something, but that was slight and likely easy to fix.  His had the fat tires which made the bike feel very heavy and a bit clunky.  We did not race but I am pretty sure that mine was quicker off the line.

When we stopped to switch back and we both put down the kick stands, I was thinking how small and un-stable his was, just as he said “what a nice kick stand you have”.

As I was stopping, I noticed that I had to pull both brakes all the way in and even then, it did not stop very well.  I asked him what was going on with the brakes and he said that he needs to get them adjusted, etc.  He agreed that the brakes on my bike were very tight and you did not need to apply mush pull at all, to get the bike to stop immediately.

Then I noticed that his battery was missing three bars.  I asked if he had a full charge when he left his house, he said “yes”.  He rode from his house to mine, which is about 10 miles.  I still had all of my bars.  Shortly after that, we went of separate ways and I rode back home, which was about 10 miles.  When I got home, I still had all of my power bars.  It was obvious that my battery will last a lot longer than his.

Mine had a spot for my cell phone and a speaker.  His had one or the other.  When I told him that I can charge both, to the battery, he did not have any cords to do that and was not sure about it.

The only think that his had that I do not have, was a mirror, which I thought would be a good idea to get.

I hope my story helps anybody that is comparing bikes.  I can tell you again that I really love the Electric Bike Company bike that I own. In my opinion, it is WAY BETTER than a “Rad” bike.  It has changed my life.  I go anywhere and everywhere with it.  Thank you and have a great day!

David Ryan
Huntington Beach, CA

David Ryan

My husband and I recently made what we’re now describing as a “life changing” decision. We purchased a couple of shiny new two-wheelers. And these aren’t just average beach cruisers…they’re the trendy new “electric assist” version from the Electric Bike Company. I confess, I was resistant at first. If I’m going to climb onto those 2 wheels, I prefer to get a good work-out. Plus, I really didn’t want to give the impression we had become “old folks” who needed assistance with our bicycles for heavens sake. Turns out, it was just the opposite. These new wheels give us quite a workout, offer a little reprieve when the head winds are strong or the hills are steep and we’re getting comments and nods of approval from our middle aged friends and the tech savvy teenagers too. Most importantly, we’re having fun.
You certainly don’t need the electric assist to enjoy the ride on Nantucket. The multiple island bike rental shops offer a wide range of 2-wheel options with the added bonus of a delivery and pick-up service right to your door. You can join friends and family for a full island tour or you can peddle off on your own for a quiet morning ride to Sconset for scones and the sunrise or head into the network of paths through the moors late in the day to enjoy the fresh air and singing birds. The options are endless, but the end result is the same. As Penn says so well, “It’s a moment of grace.”
Shellie Dunlap

Just wanted to let you know that my experience inquiring about and then buying your E bike was amazing.  You walked me through my naiveté and explained why you made certain design choices, and provided me with the ability to always feel accommodated.

I have complete confidence in the decision I made and in you and your staff.

Thank you all.

Bob Polis

58 mile trip today on one battery.  Both bikes were flawless and fun
Robert Risse


Here is my ride today on bike and battery that has about 700 miles on it now!

1) 17 mph Average Speed today

2) 31 mph Max Speed (likely coming off the inter-coastal bridge)

3) 34 Miles of distance today

4) 2 Hours of riding (to dinner and errands and back)

5) 47 volts left at idle, which goes to about 45 volts under full acceleration. So lets say about 45 volts left which is half the useful battery power. (the battery charges to about 52 volts and dies at about 38 volts).

Cruising around at about 18 mph you can comfortably get a 60 mile range on a single charge. And that seems to be a comfortable speed for this beach cruiser on coastal roads that have some pretty rough areas.  You can view the picture of the LCD display that I included. Great display with very useful info.


This bike has a highly adjustable power curve so you can fine tune it for what I would call Max Range (Eco), Mid Range (Normal), and Max Speed (Power). I can adjust between these “self labeled modes” in about 30 seconds (best to do when stopped, but can do while moving although not advised for safety reasons). This would be like adjusting the torque and horsepower setting to get the speed and range and acceleration profile you desire.

I adjusted my bike for a Max Range by programming it via the LCD display to cruise about 14mph in Level 3 and 18mph in Level 4 and 22mph in Level 5 and also use the least acceleration power. This is peddling with basically zero effort, or not peddling at all since I have the throttle adjusted to put out max power of only about 600 watts (which is about half of what it is capable of doing). That said, in the mostly flat terrain of Florida with only occasional hills known as bridges that happen, these settings work amazing for me and give me a power output and range profile that makes me very happy.


At my MAX SPEED power setting where I cruise around at 26mph and have the bike set for max acceleration, I get about 32 miles before the battery is drained. If I slow to 12mph with the MAX RANGE power setting and min acceleration, I can go 80 miles without breaking a sweat!

In my opinion, 26 mph + is fun as is the quick acceleration, but hitting rough road patches at that speed not fun and the battery drain from the acceleration not worth it. So for me, that is just too fast on the bike paths and coastal roads and sidewalks. And 12 mph is flat out too slow for me and my butt also agrees after about 2 hours non stop in the saddle that 12 mph is too slow. The saddle is comfy and I last about 2 hours in it before I begin to squirm, which says a lot for a bike seat!

I find 16mph to 22mph the perfect speed range and even having the lowest acceleration setting works fine as it is reasonable to get me going with a smile each time. If I am in a hurry and want to save time, I go to Level 5 and cruise at 22mph . That is plenty quick for me and still keeps me above a 40 mile range. And if I want to not be in a hurry and get better range like I did today, I find 18mph in Level 4 to be a happy speed.


That also leads me to comment on quality. This bike is built like a tank. I been hitting some pot holes at times and other road debris that you just can’t avoid at these speeds, especially at night. The bike takes the jolt better than me most times! And the rims are still straight and nothing has flown off the bike, which amazes me!


I love this bike.  I must say. My Electric Bike Company bicycle may be the best purchase I ever made. I use it as my daily driver all around the Clearwater to St Pete area of Florida.  And the team at EBC has been wonderful at answering my questions and helping me understand how to program my bike to suit my goals.

Joseph A

Tell Us What You Think!

Truly love the product you are creating, and just put a review on the site. Also appreciate you saving me $99k by me buying your bike instead of the Tesla Model S I was considering. This is much more practical and cost effective for a 5 mile commute.

Brian Preston

I had the bikes shipped to me on vacation in Breckenridge Colorado. After less than a week, I have already logged 40 miles on the bike.

The smoothness of the ride, the comfort, and the power that is available to you make this a great decision. It is going to help me get back outside and get some exercise.

Thanks EBC!!

Kelly Griffin

The bike is incredible. Exceptional power and design. Everything works together seamlessly. The bike has an extremely sturdy feel while still nimble. I’ve never wanted my job to be further away, with this bike I would not mind. Get it!


Great bike!! well designed and built with high quality parts. It’s smooth and very comfortable to ride. I have already logged 400 miles and enjoyed every minute. Thanks EBC for a great product at an affordable price.

Mike San Juan Capistrano


I never ever do reviews. I should because I rely on them so much. I just had to give some feedback on this bike. We bought the wife an orange newport step through. We just got it today and I am blown away how fun it is to ride this thing!! I bought myself a recumbant bike a couple of months ago and now I’m ticked off at myself for not getting me one of these!!! I stayed home from work to receive delivery and my wife is at work so I keep sending her videos of me riding her bike!!! Everyone we dealt with at EBC was great to work with and we are thankful to have found this company. We were following “Electric Bike Reviews” on youtube and he really bragged on this bike in the video. After seeing him review MANY ebikes, we decided that this one was best for us. I am really glad we did!! I love it already and I know the wife will too!!! Thanks again to Sean and Karen and all the folks at EBC!!!!!!!

Mike Davis

Very nice high quality bike. I got it for my wife and now I’m jealous. We did a trail that had lots of short steep hills that left me with stiff and sore knees, even though my bike has 21 speeds. My wife finished the trip and said she was comfortable on the electric bike the whole time (in assist mode 1 or 2) and was able to spend the time enjoying the scenery instead of shifting. The electric bike is a bit larger than our other bikes but we were able to fit both bikes in the back of our van with the middle seats released to the forward position.


There is so much positive to say about this product and this company. The quality of this bike is amazing. The ride is so comfortable. The pedal assist is powerful. The throttle just makes it more fun! We will order a 2nd one for my husband. Really recommend this bike! Thanks Sean and team for All you do!


Your website and Court Rye’s review, is my first exposure to your
ebikes, and the Newport models. I am impressed with the design
and options available. My wife and I like to ride the back roads of
the Rocky Mountain old western towns. The roads are dirt and
and gravel. Can your Newport handle this terrain, and the steep
6% or more grades?. Court Rye’s review was very helpful.
My best regards,


Thanks for the best bike l have ever rode, there have been no problems, only fun every time I ride it it also looks great !!!

Gary Bates

Thanks for the best bike l have ever rode, there have been no problems, only fun every time I ride it it also looks great !!!

Gary Bates

I rode both bikes for a few days. I think they are great! My wife and i will be back down to Florida at the end of Feb and wll probably use them daily.
The are better than expected and you can tell they are of the highest quality. They were very easy to get comfortable with. It even helped me get exercise that i wouldn’t normally get.
They are a win/win for me.

I love my step through. The bike has great power and goes over any surface with ease even grass. Even when I’m pulling my two boys in a trailer.

Heather Cardena

I love my step through. The bike has great power and goes over any surface with ease even grass. Even when I’m pulling my two boys in a trailer.

Heather Cardena

Love my bike
Love my bike. I did a lot of research before choosing the Electric Bike Company. (Recommend doing that because everyone is different. Good source is EBR electric bike reviews). I especially liked getting to choose different colors and customizing the bike for myself. You can choose not only the bike color, but the rim color, seat color plus various accessories. I’m a heavier person, so I liked that the bike is solid and simple and rated for up to 350 lbs. Prior to purchasing, I emailed them several times and always got a speedy reply. It was easy to order. (had it shipped to my work place for cheaper shipping costs) The bike came almost fully assembled. All that you need to do is move the handle bars and tighten them. (I also needed to adjust the seat level, but the seat was already assembled on the bike) Since getting the bike, I had some questions, so I just went to their website, started a chat session and very quickly got my questions answered. Now for the bike: Love it, it is simple to operate and the power is excellent. I can ride in power assist 1 most of the time. When I come to a hill, I just change to to a level 2 or 3 and it gives me the power to easily climb the hill. I haven’t had to use the 4 or 5 levels yet. My objective was to be able to pedal, but have the assist when I need it so that I could travel further than just around my neighborhood. This meets my goals perfectly. There are cheaper and much more expensive bikes out there, but this this one is perfect for my needs. The only thing I misunderstood was the on the bike charger. I thought it was actually part of the battery and that I could take the battery out and charge it separately from the bike. But the internal charger is on the bike itself, so you need to have the battery on the bike to charge it. Not complaining, that will work fine, just something to consider as they do have an external charger you can buy. I might buy this down the line. Overall, great experience and I would recommend highly. Thanks Electric Bike Company!

Donna K

I am very impressed with the sturdy construction and “well made” feel.
It is a very powerful solution for real electric cycling. So, good that I think my wife is going to keep it once she has a chance to try it out. I’m glad that the bike was pre-assembled. Lots of people stop to look and wonder how I’m moving so fast…

Kwanza Hall

Ordered online March 21 2018. Called while ordering and Sean helped me via phone with the order. Great man to talk to and a huge help. My bike was complete and shipped April 5 (so about 2 week build time). Then took about 10 days to ship from California and arrive at my Florida home on the evening of April 19. Was packaged nicely. Had one minor scratch on it when it arrived where the box was rubbing the back rail during shipping. Had one question on the battery locking mechanism so I called and Sean answered. He worked with me on my question to my satisfaction.

Been riding a week now. Bike works as promised and is everything I hoped for. Quality is top notch, which is also why it weighs in at near 75 pounds! But the overbuilt parts will be well worth it since this bike takes a beating at 20 mph to 26 mph when not being able to avoid dips and sewers that are in the bike lane. They do give a good jolt on a beach cruiser at those speeds!

I have now rode the bike every day for a full 7 days. I have only charged up once a day in the evenings, and it does take a long time to charge to full capacity. I have 334 miles on the bike already. Average speed is 16 mph. I am riding in maximum assist level 90% of the time which cruises at 22 mph to 26 mph depending on conditions and climbs nice inclines still at about 16 mph to 18 mph. I slow to the lowest assist if on a sidewalk or looking for a destination, which still moves along nicely around 9 mph to 12 mph depending on conditions. It says I hit a 32 mph max speed, which must have been coming down one of the inter-coastal bridges since the way the bike is geared with only a single gear, peddling your heart out will get you no better than 28 mph and a lot of wasted effort. I have rode 42 to 61 miles every day without plugging in and never had a concern on range yet. 42 miles is a very comfortable range with still good battery left on the indicator. The 61 mile ride had my battery indicator about exhausted; yet she kept on trucking along just fine in maximum power assist. So I would say there was still a few more miles left to go, although that may be the max I push the limit unless I want to be pushing or peddling a 75 pound bike on my own with no assist and no throttle.

My bike is the Model C with basket and fenders and suspension seat upgrade and the 18 ah battery upgrade. I am 6’2” and 215 pounds clothed. I live in coastal Florida. So hot, humid, moist, and mostly flat with strong winds and very occasional steep bridges to traverse from the islands to inter-coastal to mainland. If the bike continues to perform as it did this past week and the components hold up as quality components should, I will be smiles for years to come.

Joseph, St Pete Beach Florida


It’s been just under a year that my wife and I have owned our bikes, and I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much these bikes have meant to us. I had really wanted an electric bike for some time (having spent years riding the bus), and after a ton of research and test rides, I selected the Newport Step-Thru model. More importantly, based on the affordability and the honest passion of your sales staff, we purchased one for each of us.

It only took a very short period of time and we both were hooked. The bikes themselves made the transition effortless; the ride is completely smooth and quiet, the power is perfect for all conditions that we’ve ridden in (had to pedal pretty hard on 28th Street in San Pedro, but that is literally one of the 10 steepest roads in the U.S.) and for most every circumstance, the battery lasts longer than your rear in the seat.

My wife Buffy rides the bike almost exactly as it came from you (only one tire change and a basket liner), while I’ve tried to pile on everything the frame can hold. We both commute every day to and from work, on the weekends we find ways to merge our two styles. A great Sunday is breakfast at Tom’s Farms, after which Buffy will drive back to the ocean and tool around Huntington Beach while I do the 50 mile ride to meet her there. The exact same bike is a perfect fit for two completely different experiences.

Your bikes have made a huge improvement in our lives. We are fitter, more active, and spend almost zero time in a car (maybe a big box store run once a month). I would and do recommend this bike to anyone looking to enjoy a better quality of life. I could go on, but I’ll instead show you a glimpse of what 11 months and 6,000+ miles looks like on an EBike.

Sincerely, Eric & Buffy

Eric Kuyper

Best bikes on the market – Best to you! In the market for some more bikes haha all our family members are so envious!

Travis Rylander

I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing bikes. We received them on Friday and have put almost 80 miles on them over the weekend J We’ve had a blast so far riding the river trails in Sacramento.

I’m so glad we purchased through you instead of buying from our local Pedego dealer.


Don and Darlene

Sean, I received my bike today. Wanted to let you know that I am very pleased. It is obvious that you have put in lots of effort in making a superior product. The quality shows. I rode it around the neighborhood this evening. I was very pleased with the performance. It takes hills with ease. If anyone is looking for an electric bike, they cannot go wrong with one of your bikes.

I am 63 years old with one knee replacement. At the start of the ride, the knee was a little stiff. By the end of the ride, it loosened up and felt great! -Thanks again!

Larry Williams

I’m LOVING my bike, and so is Ruby! (See attached photo)
I’ve been bragging about my bike and Electric Bike Company, telling people how great you all are!


Thus far, I only have about 12 miles on my bike. I have been very impressed with the workmanship, materials & quality that went into making this bike.
I had my left knee replaced 2 years ago & sometimes it gets a little stiff. Riding this bike has helped to loosen it up & give me some much needed exercise. The bike is very comfortable!
In my neighborhood, there are many hills. Going up them is no problem for this bike. It has plenty of power.
I watched a lot of electric bikes videos from lots of manufacturers. I was very impressed with this bike.
This is a very good company with excelent customer service! If I had it to do over, would I buy it again? ……… Absolutely!

Larry Williams

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