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Truly love the product you are creating, and just put a review on the site. Also appreciate you saving me $99k by me buying your bike instead of the Tesla Model S I was considering. This is much more practical and cost effective for a 5 mile commute.

Brian Preston

I had the bikes shipped to me on vacation in Breckenridge Colorado. After less than a week, I have already logged 40 miles on the bike.

The smoothness of the ride, the comfort, and the power that is available to you make this a great decision. It is going to help me get back outside and get some exercise.

Thanks EBC!!

Kelly Griffin

The bike is incredible. Exceptional power and design. Everything works together seamlessly. The bike has an extremely sturdy feel while still nimble. I’ve never wanted my job to be further away, with this bike I would not mind. Get it!


Great bike!! well designed and built with high quality parts. It’s smooth and very comfortable to ride. I have already logged 400 miles and enjoyed every minute. Thanks EBC for a great product at an affordable price.

Mike San Juan Capistrano


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The Electric Bike Company has been around in one form or another since 2012 when they launched as Madiba Electric Bikes (that’s Nelson Mandella’s nickname btw) then updated to Newport Electric Bikes (since they’re based in Newport California) and finally settled on the Electric Bike Company. The models I reviewed here were originally called the Newport Cruiser Classic and Step-Thru but were renamed Model C and Model S respectively. It sounds like the company has had a long and interesting journey to get here, but the results are very impressive. Dollar for dollar, this is one of the most polished, feature-rich electric beach cruiser bikes that I have ever tested!

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