Frequently Asked Questions


Why don’t you make a bike with mechanical gears?

  1. Our motor can generate over 1200 watts of power for hill climbing and acceleration
  2. We offer a 5 level pedal assist option
  3. You have the ability to have 0 to 100% throttle assist while pedaling at any pressure
  4. Shifting mechanical gears can be confusing when combined with our other options of 5 levels of assist, 0 to 100% throttle, and pedaling pressure.
  5. Chains on mechanical gears can come off easily
  6. Cable-actuated systems can erode and stretch, making mechanical gears unreliable
  7. Maintenance costs are higher on mechanical gears than internal pedal assist options

Our bikes are equipped to accept a 7 speed mechanical gearing system. If you find that you still want a 7 speed, your local bike shop can add that. However, once you ride our bikes and feel the power, you may not find that you need mechanical gears. 99.9% of our customers do not have them.

What happens if my electric bike needs maintenance?

We offer a plug and play system. We will send you the replacement part and you can simply switch out the parts.

Do I need to buy the additional 5amp charger that you sell?

No, you do not. Our batteries have a patented technology with an internal charger and retractable chord that plugs directly into the wall outlet.

What is the difference between the two batteries?

We offer a 10ah 48 volt and 18ah 48 volt battery. The 10ah’s range is 20 miles without pedaling and 50 miles with pedaling on Pedal Assist mode level 2. The 18ah is 40 miles without pedaling and 80 to 100 with pedaling on Pedal Assist mode level 2. The 10ah contains 500 watt-hours and the 18ah contains 940. The 18Ah battery adds about 10 to 15 more miles per charge. Keep in mind that some factors may affect these numbers, including your weight, the wind, and the grade of surface you are riding on.

Does shipping come with the bike?

The bike arrives at your door, fully assembled and ready to ride, for $229 freight shipping to a residential/home location and $149 to an industrial/business location. If you live in the Orange County, California area, we can offer delivery. You are also welcome to pick up and we will work with your schedule to best accommodate you.

How long does shipping take?

This may vary on your location, but shipping typically takes about 4 to 5 business days. We always provide tracking information when your ebike ships.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. We will need your address to get a better idea of shipping costs.

What is the maximum weight your bikes can support?

Our bikes are sturdy enough to support up to 360 pounds.

Is the motor loud?

Electric Bike Company’s 500-watt rear hub motor is powerful enough to ride up hills and against strong winds, while still maintaining a peaceful quiet ride. The rider can pedal, use the throttle, or use pedal assist. No matter the setting, the motor remains silent. In addition, a brake disconnect will shut off the motor when coming to a stop. The rear placement of the motor allows for maximums safety and riding enjoyment.

How do you keep your price low, compared to other electric bikes?

By selling online and directly to customers, we can lower our overheads and keep costs minimal, which is both beneficial for our customers and our business. We assemble the entire bike ourselves, allowing for top quality control. There are no warehousing, distributing, or retailing fees.
EBC owns all of the designs and wirings on our bikes. Direct relationship with manufacturers allows us to quickly adapt to new technology and styles. We are always looking to improve every detail of our bikes, to produce the best product on the market. We get the highest quality parts for less cost.
We specialize in one bike style, so we can focus on getting the best pricing and quality for each of the 185 items on the bike. We use all stainless steel hardware, so our bikes last.
The battery manufacturing and assembly is the essential core of any electric bike. EBC invests into and owns 50% of the battery company Turnlife. We only use certified Panasonic, Samsung, and LG batteries and can offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty. We also use the best battery management system. We have invested in the highest quality cells. Our batteries include an internal charger and retractable cord, so you never have to worry about carrying an external charger. You can stop anywhere and plug the charger into any outlet.